Residential Concrete Services

At Midstate Concrete, we provide the most comprehensive range of concreting services anywhere in York, PA. Our team can bring you absolutely anything you need in concrete, whether you are hoping for a new installation, replacement, restoration, or resurfacing. We produce exemplary levels of quality with every service we provide, every time. There simply is no more talented crew in the city and no other that can promise you the same premium standards, for such a low price. So, the next time you need concrete services, make sure that you give us a call and take advantage of the highest standards around.

Custom Residential Concrete Construction

If you require any assistance with concrete construction, rest assured that you will always be able to count on us. Our team provides custom construction solutions for both residential and commercial clients, ranging from simple installations to extensive foundation and commercial construction projects. There simply is no crew quite like ours, that can guarantee you of equal skills and ability. So, discuss your project needs with us and our team would be more than glad to arrange the ideal construction solution.

Concrete Paving

Or, if you are looking for concrete flatwork solutions, our team would be more than glad to offer you our concrete paving services. There are no limits to our concrete paving capabilities, as we once again serve both residential and commercial clients with these solutions. Over the years, we have produced countless unique paved installations, including driveways, pavement, pathways, parking lots, concrete flooring, and countless others. We can promise you of outstanding quality with every single paved fixture we make. So, let us know how we can be of assistance to you and we would be more than glad to deliver you our support.

Repairs and Restoration

In addition to our regular installation and construction services, our team can offer comprehensive support with repairs and restoration. Although concrete is one of the strongest and most resistant materials on the market, it can still succumb to various issues and damages. Usually, these are limited to cracks, chips, and scaring, however can become much more severe the longer they are left. Therefore, if you think that you may require repairs, make sure that you call us at the earliest possible convenience. Our team will come and identify the most appropriate solution and deliver you the longevous remedy you require.

Resurfacing and Replacement

And, if you are in need of any replacements or resurfacing services, you know that you can always count on us.

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