Concrete Foundations

Concrete is the perfect material to use for your new household foundations. Strong, stable, supportive, and incredibly long-lasting, it is the most popular modern foundation style found in construction, today. Whether you are planning to install a new annex or extension, building a new house, or undertaking a commercial construction task, concrete foundations are always the best place to start. And, when you need concrete foundations in the city of York, PA, the best to come is always right here, to us at Midstate Concrete. Our team can provide you with the highest standard products and highest caliber products, no matter what your project plans entail. Simply share your requirements and plans with us, and you can leave the rest to us to oversee with the utmost care, precision, and efficacy. 

Concrete Slab Foundations 

Concrete slab foundations are the most typically used today, promising efficacy with all sorts of construction. Easily poured into place, they can be installed quickly and easily, setting with incredible durability in the process. So, if you are looking for this style of foundation for your next construction task, let us know about it today. Collaborate with us over your project plans and our team will be capable of providing you with a custom foundation fixture, that will be bound to satisfy your needs. 

Concrete Basement Foundations

Or, if you are more interested in fitting a basement instead, give our team a call about our basement foundation services. Once again, we can customize your new basement foundation to your precise needs and specification, no matter what type of construction task you are undertaking. Our team knows what it takes to get the most out of a new basement installation and can promise you immaculate quality. So, discuss your requirements with us today and you can leave the rest to us. 

Foundation Repairs 

Of course, much like any other type of concrete installation, damages and wear will eventually take their toll. And, when that time does come, you are going to require repairs solutions that you can count on. Fortunately for you, our team can provide you with all the restoration services you need. Allow us to come and inspect the state of your foundations when you suspect an issue, and we will diagnose the issue. Then, we will figure out the most effective approach to repairs, to assure you of a longevous remedy. 

Slab Jacking 

Additionally, we can provide you with professional slab jacking services for your slab foundations or general concrete slab installations. When you notice shifting and sinking in your concrete fixtures, our team can fill the space beneath them with fresh cement, to lift them back into the perfect position. This will negate any negative movement permanently and will no doubt provide you with an extra bit of stability. Once again, all you need to do is call us to come and inspect the condition of your fixture, and we will have no trouble applying a seamlessly tailored solution.

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